Covid Updates

A Wedding in the Time of Covid..

Welcome to our new “covid updates” page. Only in 2020, right? Here is where we will be updating all of the news & precautions we will be taking in the time of Corona.

We were just given the ok by our venue to continue with our date of October 12, 2020.
Unless any big changes occur, we will be getting married on our date! Hooray!

We will be adding a few new necessities for our big day given this time;

Things to note:
•Our venue is VERY large and open-air. One side of the building is completely open to the outside; this makes for very easy distancing of tables and use of space.

•We will be looking into seating by household or by people you interact on a regular basis only.

•The dance floor, along with bar, lounge, and cocktail tables will all be outdoor.

•The ceremony itself will also be outdoor. The only semi-indoor portion will be dinner.

•Ceremony seating will be added to have ample space needed to spread out for guests that would like to keep their distance.

•We will be providing disposable masks for anyone that wants one, however they are not mandatory at this time.

•Sanitizing stations will be provided throughout the venue for use to every guest.

We will be updating this page as needed with any added measures or changes.
If you feel like you may need extra precautions or have any questions please feel free to text or email me! We want all of our guests to feel comfortable & enjoy their time with us.
(480) 452-7815 or mmpasewark@gmail.com
annie clark